Men's Skin Care
The Ultimate Shaving Experience
After searching for three years we finally located a company able to fulfill our quest for top of the line shaving products.
While enjoying early retirement in the high mountains of Colorado, she learned to capture the scents of nature – the pure air, the clear water, the wild flowers in the spring. Miriam Karkanen is the owner and soapcrafter for Honest Soap. She formulates each small batch entirely by hand. Soap has become her passion and an outlet for her creativity. Her attention to detail is invested into every batch and bar. The scent of her soap lingers on your skin after a relaxing warm bath.

She uses a “cold-process” for making her handcrafted soap – the old-fashioned way! It is a blend of nourishing vegetable oils such as olive, coconut or almond; pure essential oils distilled directly from botanicals such as lavender, patchouli or lemongrass; and natural enhancements such as Shea butter and finely-ground oatmeal. In concert, all these ingredients moisturize and exfoliate the skin in an all-inclusive bar! There will never be a trace of synthetic fragrances, detergents or petroleum-derived oils in any of our soap products.

She applies the same, old-fashioned techniques to hand manufacture her oils. Her products are one of a kind and are hers only.

After arrival, the products are hand filled and labeled at the office of Retro Barbers LLC.  Here are two Senior Citizen Ladies applying their crafts and talents to produce the finest in men's skin care. Although made with the male in mind, women have been pleasantly surprised  for the oils are a great benefit to their skin as well. It is a time consuming procedure but well worth every penny. The oils, colognes and soaps are priced well below the items found in department stores.


We also offer the finest of  After Shave Colognes, vintage hand held massagers, straight razors and everything you need to treat yourself in the privacy of your own environment.
Miriam Karkanen
The Soap Genius
Honest Soap Co. LLC
P.O. Box 722
Henderson, CO 80640

Retro Barber's prices vary from $4.50 to $14.00 depending on size and item. Please call the shop at 303-424-9931 for detailed information.

Our brands are sold only in the shop.

                            Item List

Soaps                           Bay Rum

Colognes                     Mellow Yellow
                                      Pure Astringent
                                      Simply Lilac
                                      Bay Rum

Shaving Oils                Mountain Breeze
                                      Retro Barber's Special Blend

Astringents                   Witch Hazel

The sizes are from:

1/2 oz to 4 oz for oils
6 oz to 12 oz for Colognes
5 oz for bar soaps

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Brighton, CO Market Day, Artisan Fair, August 2014