Growing up in the old shop!
   We're not just a business, we are family. From the Arvada Square Barbers in 1958 to Retro Barbers LLC until today!
A look back to times when service was paramount now long gone but still implemented by a few Barbers with their hearts and minds focused on old-fashioned barbering. Here is their journey!
Back in the 1950's there was a man named Bill Arnold, a Barber at the Oxford Hotel in Denver. A swanky place in it's time referred to today as a high-end Barbershop. He decided to build a replica of this Barbershop in Arvada, CO. This was in 1958, also the time when Ron Linhardt came on board. Ron managed the shop until 1963 when he purchased the establishment.It was called The Arvada Square Barbers. Other than barbering Ron had one passion and this was hunting and fishing. He concentrated his free time to hand forge sporting knifes, which are highly sought after even today.  See details on his knife making on our Home page. Being that the years have caught up with him, back breaking, arthritis, and other health issues he decided to turn his beloved shop over to a new owner. Not being able to let go of his treasured shop, Ron decided to stay on part time. This new owner was none other than an employee and master barber who had worked at the shop for the past 26 years.

David Leasure, a native of Colorado Springs worked in some of the finest shops around, a God loving man, his destiny would become Retro Barbers LLC in 2012 at which time ownership changed hands and David became the man of the business. The shop looked exactly as it did 50 years ago, hence major renovation was in order. Through hard work and dedication to his craft, David brought the shop back to it's original design, compromising nothing. As knife making is Ron's passion, for David it is the Bible. He is not a church attending person, but has a relationship with the Lord unlike any other. The business is steadily growing and the customers are delighted to visit. A Barber has a relationship with his customers as a Doctor with his patients. It is built on trust and satisfaction.

Just for fun
Four generations have been served in this small but functional shop, one of the oldest businesses in the north metro area. We built this and are proud of it!!
Just for fun!

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Ron, taking care of the little ones
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